Sonopia Follows Amp'd Into The Deadpool

Mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) have been having one hell of a time over the past year. The biggest burnout among them was Amp’d Mobile, which lost $360M before realizing its customers

Create Your Own MVNO With Sonopia

This idea may seem a bit bold at first, but with the right execution, it could end up being a smash hit. Sonopia has purchased minutes and service from Verizon and will now let you create a personaliz

Sonopia: Be Your Own MVNO

TechCrunch just posted about a new mobile startup called Sonopia. Sonopia lets you create you own mobile social network on top of Verizon’s phone service for fun and profit. Anyone can create a

Build Your Own Third Rate Mobile Network

If you’ve ever wanted to have your own mobile phone network, now you can. Sonopia launched today, and it allows anyone to create their own virtual mobile phone network in a couple of minutes (wh