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Sega: Yeah, We May Have Made Too Many Sonic Games In The Past Few Years

<img src="" />As you know, <a HREF="">Sonic 4</a> comes out today on the Xbox 360 and PS3. (It came

Do You Like Fun? Then You'll Probably Like Sonic 4

<img src="" />Sega's <a HREF=""><i>Sonic the Hedgehog 4</i></a> comes out next week for the Xbox 3

Video: Sonic Looks Much Happier In Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Than He Has In Recent Years

<img src="" />Interrupting your Thursday afternoon with new footage (I love how we still use the word “footage,” by the way) of <i>

Sega delays Sonic 4 till later this year (but there will now be an iPhone version!) It would appear that Sonic 4 has been delayed until the “latter half of 2010.” That’s the bad news. The good

New Sonic 4 screenshots shows Sonic battling Eggman, again

<img src="" />Bored? Let a couple of new <a HREF=""><i>Sonic 4</i></a> screenshots cheer you up.

Video: Sonic 4 footage has a mine cart (a mine cart!) There’s not too much going on out there that doesn’t begin with “i” and end with “will it save the media“, so

First screenshots of Sonic The Hedgehog 4 reminds us of our youth

<img src="" />Oh, look! The first screenshots of <i>Sonic The Hedgehog 4</i>! I do believe Sonic now hold the record for longest wait bet