A Eulogy For Dead Standalone Apps

Session lengths started to be counted not in hours or even minutes, but in seconds. Software had to blend into our life, augmenting it rather than supplanting it. Speed and simplicity became the keys

Google Will Shut Down Songza App, To Fold Into Google Play Music

The music wars are afoot, Google is consolidating its weaponry. Beginning today, Songza users will be notified that the Songza website and mobile apps are being fully folded into Google Play Music as

Google Updates Play Music With Songza-Style Functionality

For the first time since <a href="">acquiring Songza this summer</a>, Google is integrating the technology into its Google Play Music service. The

Google Buys Songza

Google has acquired music streaming service Songza after weeks of speculation around a potential buyout. Songza uses information about the user and context to determine the best playlists for you

Google Music Could Get Touchy-Feely If It Does Acquire Moody Playlist App Songza

“Google Play Music All-Access”. That tongue-twisting name says a lot about how well Google understands humans. It’s also why the New York Post’s report that Google is in talks

Songza Inks Deal With Weather Company To Integrate Rain Or Shine Into Your Music Playlists

<a href="">Songza</a>, the app that brings music to you instead of forcing you to hunt for it, today announced a deal with The Weather Company to integrate weather da

Chromecast Gets 10 New Apps, Including Songza, VEVO, And Revision 3

Slowly but surely, Google's Chromecast devices is beefing up with content partners. The latest is <a href="">Songza</a>, a music streaming service that finds you an e

Here Are 2013′s Most Popular Tunes, According To Our Informal Survey Of Music Startups

As we head into the last leg of 2013, you may find yourself misty-eyed, staring out the window and listening a mashup of this year's biggest musical hits. It was a good year, and not just because One

Songza Raises $4.7 Million Funding Round To Develop Advertising You May Actually Enjoy

Mood-based music streaming service Songza has raised a $4.7 million funding round, their second since they closed $2 million in 2011. Songza did not name a lead for the round, the investors for which

Club Songza, The Streaming Startup’s Ad-Free Paid Experience, Is Officially Live In The App Store

<a target="_blank" href="">Songza</a> has been making waves in the music scene for quite a while now, offering users expertly curated playlists to match their m

Songza Founders Talk About Newly Launched Club Songza, Competition From Apple, Pandora

<a href="">Songza</a> is one of the hottest music streaming services on the market, with a special feature called Concierge that matches specific, expertly crafted pl

Music App Songza Goes Ad-Free With A New Paid Service, “Club Songza” For $0.99 Per Week

<a target="_blank" href="">Songza</a>, the music streaming and recommendation service that has picked up some 4.8 million monthly active users with its free, ad-based service, is

Spotify Community ShareMyPlaylists Introduces Moods To Give Songza The Blues

Spotify community and playlist sharing site <a target="_blank" href="">ShareMyPlaylists</a> is rolling out a new feature today: Moods will let users select playlist based o

Songza Launches Version 3.0 With Improved Search, Quicker Navigation, And Revamped UI

[youtube] Songza, the app that matches expert-created music playlists to your mood or activity, has just released a huge update to its iO

Songza Raised $3.8M According To SEC Filing, Amazon Still In The Frame As An Investor

<a target="_blank" href="">Songza</a>, a free streaming music service that has expert-made playlists and runs on the web and various touch screen platforms, raised $3.8 million <a tar

iHeartRadio Copies Songza’s Music Concierge Feature

Clear Channel's <a target="_blank" href="">iHeartRadio</a> launches a new feature today called "Perfect for." Available on iHeartRadio's website and in its mobile apps, the compa

How Music Streaming Service Songza And Audyssey Just Upgraded Your Headphones For Free

Audyssey has gone mobile with its AMP technology, the same process used to calibrate home theater systems to deliver excellent, high-quality audio. But rather than calibrating the headphones yourself,

Songza Music Streaming App Nabs 2 Million New Users Since June With More Than 50% Retention Rate

You've heard me talk about <a href="">Songza</a> before. After <a href="

Back To School: 5 Apps That Will Make You Fall (Even More) In Love With Your Phone

You're heading off to college. You have no idea that the next four years of fun will fly by, likely leaving you jobless and in debt. You're unconcerned with nonsense like that — you're ready to

Songza Brings Its Core Feature, Concierge, To Android

Songza has long been <a href="">one of my favorite music apps</a>, and as an iPhone user, I've had acce
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