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Want to invest in startups? Here are 4 ways to get started as a solo GP

In the end, it all comes back to relationships. The more you can help VCs, founders, and the startup community as a whole, the more you’ll build your name.

Robin Haak launches Robin Capital, the latest fund to join the solo GP trend in Europe

If you were a solo venture capitalist — or solo GP as they have come to be known — during the 2020–2021 boom, you might be in trouble now, especially as valuations from that era have often tanke

Are solo GPs screwed?

Entrepreneur Ankur Nagpal raised a $70 million venture fund last year, called Vibe Capital, from over 200 investors. But now, as the market shifts and LPs are less interested in venture capital, the O

Solo GP Nichole Wischoff raises $20M fund backed by Peter Thiel to invest in ‘unsexy businesses’

Wischoff Ventures closed a second fund of $20 million that will be 'leaning in heavily on B2B.'

Solo GP secures $140M for fifth seed, third opportunity funds

The firm’s fifth seed fund targets startups focused on data science, AI, software automation, APIs and web 2.5.

Developer infrastructure expert Anand Iyer goes solo with new $20M crypto fund

Engineers are the bedrock of any tech product, and blockchains are no exception. As the race between different chains heats up, communities of loyalists are duking it out to attract developers to thei

Brianne Kimmel’s new $35 million fund isn’t yet tempted by all of web3

While web3, the metaverse and virtual HQs feel like the loudest features of the “future of work” startup category, Worklife Ventures founder Brianne Kimmel has a more down-to-earth definit