solid state drive

  • Ooh, a 256GB SSD from Micron is on the way

    Another manufacturer has thrown its hat into the ever expanding, fantastically dull realm of solid state drive development. This time it’s Micron, which today announced that it plans to release a 256GB SSD early next year. And just to keep things interesting, Micron claims, while puffing its chest out and standing on its tippy toes, that its 256GB SSD can read data at 250MBps, to… Read More

  • High-End SSD in an Eee basically doubles performance

    You may have seen the teardown of an Eee 1000H a week ago. That was cool and it also revealed that the hard drive was trivially easy to replace. Of course, the 5400RPM, 80GB drive was never meant as a performance piece, more a cost and energy saver than anything. But if you could replace it with something awesome, why wouldn’t you? And that’s just what these guys did. They took… Read More