solid alliance

  • Japan gets another set of those "Crazy Earphones"

    Do you remember the so-called Crazy Earphones Tokyo-based gadget maker Solid Alliance released back in October? Apparently the silly things sold well, otherwise the company probably wouldn’t have updated [JP] the series, which consisted of sushi, bananas, cat paws and bolts. Read More

  • SushiDisk USB stick/cell phone strap

    Tokyo-based gadget maker Solid Alliance has given us quite a few cool/whacky USB drives in the past, and their new sushi USB stick [JP] is a nice addition to the line-up. The so-called SushiDisk offers 2GB of storage, but that’s not really the important selling point here, is it? Read More

  • These "Crazy Earphones" sure deserve their name

    Tokyo-based Solid Alliance is slowly but surely evolving into a serious competitor for Thanko in the wacky gadget department. So far, the company gave us a USB Ninja knife, a USB Terminator 4 skull and a spectacle-shaped USB stick. And now this: The aptly named “Crazy Earphones” [JP] (that’s their official name). Read More

  • Kunai: New USB Ninja tool

    A kunai is a tool the ancient Ninja used to gouge holes in walls and to kill off people. Now, thanks to Tokyo-based gadget maker Solid Alliance, you can have one of these things [JP], too, if only as a USB memory stick. This is the same company that released the USB Ninja star shuriken back in May. Read More

  • Awesome Terminator 4 T-600 USB skull

    I don’t know what it is about Japan loving USB gadgets so much, but they just keep coming and coming. Today Thanko competitor Solid Alliance has announced a USB memory stick [JP] that’s designed like a T-600 Terminator skull from Terminator 4 – Salvation (they have a license). Read More

  • Feather or spectacles: New USB sticks double as bookmarks

    For some strange reason, USB seems to stimulate the imagination of crap gadget makers. This is especially true for Japanese companies, i.e Thanko, or (in this case) Solid Alliance. The Tokyo-based company, which just last week brought us the USB Ninja Star, now sells two weird USB sticks [JP] doubling as bookmarks (for real books). Read More

  • USB Ninja Star Shuriken transforms geeks into killing machines

    Are you a geek? Do you like Martial Arts movies? Have you ever secretly dreamed of being a Ninja? Are you not afraid of embarassing yourself, like, ever? Then Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Solid Alliance (which strives to become a Thanko competitor) has something unique for you: A shuriken [JP] (ninja star) for your USB port. Read More

  • Feeling stressed out lately? Just try breaking the Yubi Poki

    Are you constantly stressed? Do you want to shake off those violent day dreams? But you don’t have anyone to take it out on? Then Japan’s newest mini toy, the Yubi Poki (Japanese for finger breaker) [JP] is probably the right gadget for you. Read More