Wonderschool raises $20M to help people start in-home preschools

Educators already don’t get paid enough, and those that work in preschools or daycares often make 48% less. Meanwhile, parents struggle to find great early education programs where kids receive

Soldsie, The Service That Lets You Shop Via Facebook And Instagram Comments, Raises $4 Million

Soldsie, an e-commerce service enabling businesses to sell directly to their Facebook fans and Instagram followers through the comments section, has raised $4 million in Series A funding from First R

Insta-Sales? Soldsie Expands From Facebook-Based E-Commerce To Include Support For Instagram

Instagram isn't only a place to share perfectly framed photos of sunsets and selfies - some business owners have realized that the site works for pushing product, too. Today, e-commerce startup <a ta

Facebook-Based Shopping Platform Soldsie Goes International, Tops $10 Million In Transactions

E-commerce startup <a target="_blank" href="">Soldsie</a>, backed by $1 million in outside funding from  <a href="

F-Commerce Startup Soldsie Raises $1 Million For Its Facebook Comments-Based Shopping Platform

E-commerce startup <a target="_blank" href="">Soldsie</a>, which just announced in January that <a href="

Proving The Value Of Crowdfunding, Soldsie Raises $425K And Hires One Of 72 Investors Via FundersClub

Online venture capital firm FundersClub is pioneering equity crowdfunding, and today demonstrated the value of bringing on dozens of investors rather than a handful. Ecommerce startup Soldsie just rai

A New Take On F-Commerce: Soldsie Lets Retailers Sell Through Facebook Comments

Oh look, maybe Facebook commerce <em>can</em> work. <a target="_blank" href="">Soldsie</a>, a San Francisco-based startup which was previously operating under the name