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  • KarmSolar introduces solar energy to sunny old Egypt Crunch Network

    KarmSolar introduces solar energy to sunny old Egypt

    With over a population over 90 million strong, a prime location, topography and climate, one would assume a country like Egypt would be perfect for solar energy. The nation’s average level of solar radiation is between 2,000 to 3,200kWh per square meter a year, but this country on the verge of the African Sahara still imports enough gas to operate electricity generating plants all over… Read More

  • Hanergy to build solar-powered electric cars

    Hanergy to build solar-powered electric cars

    It used to be that only car companies could build cars. But this is the twenty-first century, when seemingly anyone can build a car or four, including a Chinese solar power company. Hanergy Holding Group, which manufactures thin-film solar panels, has created a Solar Vehicle Business Division that debuted four solar-powered prototypes in Beijing. In a world where anyone can come up with an… Read More

  • TC Durham MeetUp: Organic Transit

    Hands-On With Organic Transit’s Pedal-Solar Electric Hybrid Vehicle, “The Elf”

    Our week in the Southeast gave us plenty of memorable moments, but perhaps my favorite of the entire trip was when I stumbled upon the Elf — a pedal-solar electric hybrid vehicle from Organic Transit in Durham, NC. It’s one of those products that — given the right financing and marketing — could be completely disruptive in Urban areas. The vehicles come in two… Read More