Solar Roadways

  • The Crazy Genius Behind Solar Roadways

    The Crazy Genius Behind Solar Roadways

    Here’s an idea crazy enough that it just might work: Pave the streets with solar-powered panels that have their own built-in heat and LED lights. That’s what Scott and Julie Brusaw hope to accomplish with their ongoing Solar Roadways project, which they just funded through a hugely popular crowdfunding campaign. Read More

  • Follow The Solar Panel Road: Solar Roadways Wins First GE Ecomagination Challenge Award

    It looks like the future may be paved with solar panels after all. In early August, we told you about an out-of-the-box green tech company, named Solar Roadways, that had the audacious plan to replace America’s asphalt roads with textured, glass solar panels that could collect energy, distribute it and simultaneously serve up LED-powered signs (see video below). Sounds like a pipe… Read More

  • Department Of Outlandish Ideas: Build Solar Roadways

    If you want to change the world, you have to think big. Say what you want about the feasibility of Scott Brusaw’s idea to replace asphalt roads with miles of solar ribbons that cars and trucks can drive on, it is a very ambitious idea. Brusaw is the co-founder and CEO of Solar Roadways, a bootstrapped startup in Idaho. He is an engineer, and is building prototypes of solar panels… Read More