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US solar manufacturing gets boost with $2.5B Georgia deal

The last time the U.S. pushed for more domestic solar production, it didn't turn out so well. Here's how this time is different.

New stimulus bill includes $35.2 billion for new energy initiatives

The new economic stimulus proposal that has been approved by Congress includes roughly $35.2 billion for energy initiatives, according to summary documents seen by TechCrunch. “This is probably

Leading Edge Equipment has a technology to improve solar manufacturing and $7.6 million to go to market

Only a few weeks after the successful public offering of Array Technologies proved that there’s a market for technologies aimed at improving efficiencies across the solar manufacturing and insta

SunTech Power Forecasts Brighter 2011

<img src="" class="shot2"></img> <a href="">SunTech Power Holdings Co.</a> (NYSE: STP) — the largest sola