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Microsoft signs its first renewable energy deal in Asia with Singaporean solar firm Sunseap

As part of its goal to use more renewable energy in its datacenters, Microsoft said it has entered an agreement with Singapore-based clean energy firm Sunseap. The value of Microsoft’s investment wa

KarmSolar introduces solar energy to sunny old Egypt

Radwa Rashad Contributor Radwa Rashad is an Egyptian writer and entrepreneur. More posts by this contributor KarmSolar introduces solar energy to sunny old Egypt Ousta, Egypt’s ride hailing app, lan

Your windows become powerful with SolarGaps

If you're about to replace your roof, Tesla has you covered, but roofs have a long life span, and besides, not all of us have the luxury/misery of having a roof to replace in the first place. Most of

Mercedes home storage batteries coming to the US

Mercedes-Benz Energy announced that it’s teamed up with Vivint Solar to provide batteries for storing energy at home in the United States, starting in California this spring. Last year, Mercede

Tesla’s solar roof tiles go up for pre-order today

Tesla is opening up pre-orders for its solar roof tiles today -- a little later than previously slated. CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the company will be accepting orders for the tiles from later this af

Arcadia Power launches a solar energy service for renters across the U.S.

The renewable energy services company Arcadia Power has just launched a new product that allows renters across the U.S. to buy renewable energy. It’s a significant step forward for the renewable

Investors, Entrepreneurs Upbeat On Energy Storage, China And The Internet Of Things

For the last 15 years, the Cleantech Forum has been organized by the Cleantech Group. Most recently it took place in San Francisco on January 25-27, 2016. Energy storage, China and the Internet of Thi

How Solar Software Can Save The World

VCs have avoided solar deals ever since Solyndra became a four-letter word. But while their attention has strayed, the industry has been on a tear. In 2010, U.S. solar installers hit a milestone of 1

Saudi Arabian Startup NOMADD Looks To Clean Up Solar Energy Production

Bérénice Magistretti Contributor Bérénice Magistretti is a Swiss freelance writer based in San Francisco. She focuses on startups in Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and emerging markets. More posts by t

How Technology Is Fueling The Push Toward Solar

Solar energy in the United States has seen immense momentum throughout the years. When the Solar Energy Industries Association released its annual report in 2008, it concluded that U.S. solar photovol

CloudSolar Helps Renewable Energy Fans Who Can’t Install Their Own Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming increasingly affordable, but many people still face barriers to harnessing the power of the sun for their own homes. For example, they might live in an apartment or in a hous

Y Combinator-Backed Bright Aims To Bring Solar Power To Mexico

Jonah Greenberger envisions Mexico's rooftops covered in cost-effective, environmentally friendly, dark blue solar panels. The 28-year-old founder of Y Combinator-backed solar power startup Bright lef

Apple Will Spend $848 Million Building A Massive Solar Farm In Monterey

Tim Cook dropped a bit of news in a conversation at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet conference today: Apple is putting a massive $848 million into solar energy. According to Cook, Apple i

Off Grid Electric Raises $16M To Let Africans Pre-Pay For Solar Energy Just Like Phones

How do you pay for solar energy if you don’t have a credit card or bank account? Thanks to Off Grid Electric, people in the developing world can pay as they go for installed solar power systems

The Department Of Energy Needs Your Help To Cut The Soft Costs Of Solar

This year, SunShot's Catalyst incubator crowdsourced 130 problem statements involving these soft costs in solar energy by letting the public vote for the issues they deem most important, which drew at

SunnyBot Is A Solar-Powered Robot That Tracks The Sun To Reflect Sunlight Wherever You Want It

Here's a neat greentech idea currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter. SunnyBot is a microcomputer-powered robot that continually tracks the position of the sun, angling its on-board mirror so th

Sharp Reaches Record Conversion Efficiency With New Solar Cell

Solar energy has just made one step forward: Sharp <a href="">announced</a> that it has developed a solar cell boasting the world's highest conversion

The Long Hard Road To The Edge

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="SunEdgeLogo" width="391" height="117" class="alignright size-full

Europe And Japan Collaborate To Develop World’s Most Efficient Photovoltaic Cell

<img src="" /> Seeing <a href="">solar energy</a> progress is a good thing, but it sti

Mitsubishi Chemical To Commercialize Printable Solar Cells Next Year

<img src="" /> Another small step ahead in solar energy: <a href="">Mitsubishi Chemical</a>
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