solar eclipse

Now at the top of the App Store, the Eclipse App is a great companion for Monday’s solar eclipse

The app includes cloud cover forecasts, guides that pinpoint when totality will occur at your exact location, and information about local events, parks and viewing sites in your area.

Trump’s sun staring eclipses good solar safety sense

Donald Trump wore proper safety glasses to look at the solar eclipse that crossed the U.S. today -- at least at first. Near the end of his viewing, the president seems to have forgotten why he was wea

No, shooting the eclipse will not break your iPhone

We've reached peak eclipse. It's coming in just a few hours and is all anyone is talking about (online and IRL). But there's one thing we've been hearing a lot of -- which is that taking a photograph

Watch the solar eclipse live right here!

Today, the country will experience its first total solar eclipse in nearly 100 years. And people are amped. Unfortunately, the total eclipse (of the heart; sorry, I can't help myself) will only be vis

Amazon is refunding purchases of unverifiable eclipse eyewear

Amazon is issuing refunds for those who’ve purchased possibly fake solar eclipse glasses on the site in anticipation of this summer’s big solar eclipse event. A lot of folks have been gear

Mystery Science partners with Google to bring eclipse glasses to elementary school students

Assuming you haven't been living in a cave -- in which case this news wouldn't interest you anyway -- you know there's a solar eclipse happening on August 21st. It's the first solar eclipse to cross t