1M User Strong, PlanetSoho Makes it Easy for Small Businesses to ‘Get Paid’ On-the-Go

<a target="_blank" href=""></a>, formerly 'SohoOS,' is today announcing a new iPhone app called '<a target="_blank" href="

With Nearly 1M Users, SohoOS is On Its Way to Crossing Its Chasm

It was nearly a year ago that <a target="_blank" href="">SohoOS</a> announced a <a href="">second round of financing</a> to the tune of

SohoOS’s Small Business Management Suite Gets An $8M Vote Of Confidence

A year ago, <a href="">Mangrove Capital Partners</a> invested <a href="">$1.75 million</a> in <a href="

With 400,000 Users Under Its Belt, SohoOS Plans Major Revamp

<a href="">SohoOS</a> is on a tear. Users are growing at a rate of 30% month-over-month, just recently shooting past 400,000. And soon, the company will make a hard bet on a brand

SohoOS Begins Rolling Out An For Small Businesses

<img src="" /> On the heels of its recently announced <a href="">$1.75M round led by M

Future Simple Raises $1.1 Million To Further Simplify The Life Of SMBs

<img src="" /> For the past two years I've been holding onto the belief that Israeli entrepreneurs should devote parti

Mangrove Smells Opportunity in Small Businesses, Backs SohoOS with $1.75M

<img alt="" src="" title="SohoOS" class="alignnone" width="150" height="43" /> It looks like <a href="http://www.mangro