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  • In the car with Android in the Car

    One of the areas that Google talked up regarding Android beyond phones at I/O this year was in vehicles, and Android in the Car was the main way it’s expanding its in-car presence. The expansion of its Android Auto software offers deeper integration with vehicle infotainment and climate control systems, and putting Assistant front and center for more voice control inside the car and out. Read More

  • This Lucid Air electric car winter test video reminds us snow can be good

    This Lucid Air electric car winter test video reminds us snow can be good

    Lucid’s Air is a 1,000 HP electric dream car, which is still in the early stages of real-world testing, but which already has more than a few EV fans excited. Now, the company is showing off its winter conditions testing, courtesy of a video shot in Minnesota that makes the state far more appealing than any tourism bureau marketing I’ve ever seen. The video includes footage shot… Read More

  • Enflux demonstrates motion capture clothing

    Enflux captures body motion for fun and rehabilitation

    Enflux makes motion capture clothing that, for better or worse, is surprisingly slimming. These tight-fitting duds contain wired, washable sensors that can show your body position on a phone or screen. Founded by Doug Hoang, Mickey Ferri, Elijah Schuldt and Pamela Lee, the company was YC-funded and is backed by a group of Chinese VR capitalists. They have sold $120,000 in clothing to… Read More

  • How to make debt pay Crunch Network

    How to make debt pay

    Not all debt is bad debt. It’s conventional wisdom in the world of finance that the strategic use of debt builds better companies. The same is true for software. Companies that are strategic in their use of debt — in this case, technical debt — can develop products quicker, push them out faster and win in the market. The key word here is strategic. Read More

  • Microsoft’s Project Springfield helps developers find and squash bugs

    Microsoft’s Project Springfield helps developers find and squash bugs

    Microsoft today announced a first preview of Project Springfield at its Ignite conference in Atlanta. The cloud-based tool aims to help developers find bugs in their applications by combining fuzz testing, an automated way of testing code by throwing semi-random input at it, with artificial intelligence tools that allow the tool to ask smarter what-if questions when it looks at potential… Read More

  • Are site reliability engineers the next data scientists? Crunch Network

    Are site reliability engineers the next data scientists?

    It’s no secret that “data scientist” is one of the hottest job titles going. DJ Patil famously proclaimed data scientist “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” before moving on to join the White House as the first chief data scientist of the U.S. Once a rarified in-house role at a few leading Internet companies, data science has since grown into a global… Read More

  • Creating A “SEA” Change In The Digital Age Crunch Network

    Creating A “SEA” Change In The Digital Age

    A popular anecdote states that Henry Ford paid his assembly line workers a good wage so they could afford to buy their own company’s cars. Although the reasoning for this decision has been questioned, there is no doubt that this move helped establish and sustain the American middle class through its 20th century heyday. A century later, the employment landscape has changed. The… Read More

  • On Secretly Terrible (Old) Engineers

    On Secretly Terrible (Old) Engineers

    Last week, I wrote a column on the deep fear held by many in the startup ecosystem of hiring a “Secretly Terrible Engineer.” I argued that for a variety of cultural reasons, software engineering has developed an elaborate interview system to ensure that these STEs – who seem practically mythical in reality – are caught before they can do any damage. I also heaped scorn… Read More