Cities Take Lead On App Development

What kinds of apps do cities need? This is a key question that cities have been asking themselves and answering in a range of ways in recent years. Before we even can truly answer that question though

A Steady Erosion Of Confidence In Government

Governments around the world are facing significant political turmoil and enormous economic stress as they struggle with an alarming and unprecedented array of public policy crises today. And –

Socrata Raises $18M For Platform To Open Government Data

<a target="_blank" href="">Socrata</a> has raised $18 million to further the extension of its open-data platform now used at all levels of government to present information for the g

Clouds & APIs: Mayor Lee Unveils The San Francisco Open Data Cloud

With 30,000 tech jobs already in town and more (hopefully) on the way, San Francisco has been making a big push to make its city as friendly as possible to entrepreneurs. <a href="https://techcrunch.c