These magical (robotic) socks teach you to dance (robotically)

As humans find themselves forced to mate with our robotic overlords I suspect there will be some dancing. And what better way to teach us how to dance than with motors tucked into our socks? Designer

9 Etsy-Made Gifts That Keep Holiday Giving Weird

I’ve always found that the weirder gifts, no matter how much they cost, are the ones that people appreciate the most. Sure, you could send someone a boring gift card or a basic-ass iPhone case,

Sensoria Is A New Smart Sock That Coaches Runners In Real Time

Hardware maker, Heapsylon, debuted two new fitness products at <a href="">CES 2014</a> : a smart fitness sock that coaches users on their running technique in real t An infinite supply of black socks

<img src="" />Thank the maker that we live in an age when we can order <em>anything</em> online and have it delivered right to our d

Copalife promises stink free socks that can be worn for weeks

UK-based Copalife announced the Stink Free socks today, which they claim fights fungi and bacteria build up so you can wear your socks for weeks at a time with nary a whiff of stank. The ‘science’

New camera made from socks, takes great pictures

<img src="" />Remember the sock monkey? I mean, everyone had one of these right? Normally made by your grandma, if was a

Sockphones: Destroy Your Childhood Friend For Personal Gain

Those of you comfortable with the continuing genocide of thousands of innocent sock-puppets, keep reading. Some crafty DIYer created a set of headphones out of a telephone handset and a pair of socks.