Socialthing Starts Spreading Across 75 AOL Sites

<img src="" width="215" height="75" /> A couple weeks ago, I spotted the <a href="

It's a Socialthing: AOL's Plan To Take On Facebook Connect With Lifestreaming and Chat

<img src="" width="201" height="68" /> If you want to take a peek at how AOL plans to take on Facebook, you need to look beyon

Confirmed: AOL Acquires FriendFeed Competitor Socialthing

We’ve received confirmation from AOL that the company has acquired Socialthing!, a lifestreaming service that competes with FriendFeed. We originally reported the deal on August 1. AOL says that

Suddenly, AOL Loves Lifestreaming; Buys Socialthing!

AOL is getting into the lifestreaming business. Like Friendfeed or Facebook’s News feeds, it recently launched AIM BuddyUpdates, which lets AIM users keep up with what their instant-messaging bu

Watch Out FriendFeed: Socialthing! Is Even Easier to Use

Update: Head over to InviteShare to help others get into Socialthing! Each user is given 10 invites to hand out. There are a bazillion social network aggregators out there (Mike attempted to round up

TechStars Demo Day – Class of 2007

Y Combinator wasn’t the only incubator to demo their most recent startups today. Colorado-based TechStars also brought their startups on stage – ten of them – to give the audience a