• Social Enterprise Wars: Socialtext Goes After Yammer With Free Migration Tool

    Let the social enterprise software wars begin. Socialtext, which offers an enterprise social software platform built around microblogging, is going after competitor Yammer today with a new free migration tool that allows Yammer users to move to Socialtext. The free tool allows users to move from Yammer to Socialtext, and to use the social platform for businesses at a discounted rate. Read More

  • Socialtext 4.5 Launches With More Powerful Search Filters, Salesforce Connector And More

    The enterprise social networking space is competitive; which is why companies like Salesforce, Jive, Yammer, Socialcast and others continue to innovate at a rapid pace. Another competitor, Socialtext, which offers an enterprise social software platform built around microblogging, is launching a new version today only six months after releasing Socialtext 4.0 to the public. One of the… Read More

  • Socialtext 4.0 Launches With Groups, Better Search, And Activity Stream Filtering

    There are a plethora of enterprise friendly collaboration platforms to choose from these days, with Yammer, Salesforce, Jive, Bantam Live, Socialcast, and others all vying for marketshare. All of the offerings are compelling but now more than ever, the startups and companies that develop these platforms are facing pressure to make their offerings the most appealing and feature-rich. Today… Read More

  • Socialtext Launches Mobile Version Of Twitter-Like Collaboration Platform

    Collaboration platform Socialtext is taking its package of enterprise 2.0 services to the smartphone. The startup has launched Socialtext Mobile, a web-based mobile version of the Socialtext collaboration platform. Socialtext’s President and co-founder, Ross Mayfield tells us that Socialtext’s mobile interface will offer much of the same functionality as Socialtext’s… Read More

  • Socialtext Microblogging Appliance is Twitter in a box

    As if the world needed more microblogging services we present the Socialtext Microbloggin Appliance, a rack server that basically builds out social networking and microblogging applications instantly inside an Intranet. Instead of relying on outside services like Yammer, Facebook, and AdultFriendFinder, your employees can tweet or whatever you want to call it all from the comfort of your… Read More

  • Real-Time Conversations Hasten Social CRM

    In the world of business, social media, led by Twitter, is forcing companies to augment the offshoring of reactive customer service with the nearshoring of proactive customer engagement. The conversations that power social media are sparking a sense of urgency to identify influential voices and talk to customers in a place and time of their choosing (generally, in public and online). For… Read More

  • Socialtext Goes Freemium With Socialtext Free 50

    Socialtext offers a compelling package of Enterprise 2.0 services, but it has a problem. While it can talk all it wants about how great its products are, the real selling point is getting customers to use them for themselves. While free-trials work somewhat, the time constraints are limiting. So that’s why Socialtext is moving into the freemium market with its new SocialText Free 50… Read More

  • Socialtext Adds Twitter-like "Signals" And a Desktop AIR App

    In yet another sign that this will be the year of the activity stream, Socialtext is adding a Twitter-like message stream to its enterprise wiki/workspace service, The new feature is called Socialtext Signals, and it appears both as a widget in the Socialtext dashboard and as a standalone desktop app built on Adobe AIR. Socialtext Signals is essentially an enterprise version of Twitter, much… Read More

  • SocialText Putting A Little Social Into…Enterprise Wikis

    Palo Alto based Wiki startup SocialText, founded way back in 2002, is announcing version 3.0 of its software this morning. The upgrades are designed to put a little “social” into the enterprise (and to sidestep, as much as possible, the recently relaunched Google Sites, a direct competitor). SocialText sells Wikis to companies, for the most part, although they also offer an open… Read More

  • PBWiki Gets An Overhaul

    As Google gets into the wiki space with Google Sites (the relaunch of Jotspot), all the other little wiki startups out there will need to keep one step ahead. Those includes Wikia, Socialtext, Wetpaint, and PBWiki. As it approaches 500,000 wikis, PBWiki is now putting the 2.0 version of its site into beta. The latest version includes an updated UI, folders, enhanced access controls and an… Read More

  • Money And A New CEO For SocialText

    We reported in July that Palo Alto-based wiki startup SocialText was looking for a new CEO to help speed growth. Tonight they are announcing their new CEO – former Cisco and Adobe exec Eugene Lee. Founder and former CEO Ross Mayfield becomes Chairman and President of the company. The company is also announcing a $6.5 million second tranche of its Series C funding ($3 million was announced… Read More

  • SocialText Looks For New CEO

    SocialText, a wiki startup based in Palo Alto, is looking for a new CEO. Founder and current CEO Ross Mayfield wrote a post on his personal blog today, saying the company is looking for a new leader to “take it to the next level.” I spoke to Ross for a few minutes this evening. He says he’s really good at the early stage and externally focused stuff – marketing… Read More

  • Socialtext Launches Unplugging Capability

    Socialtext, a corporate wiki tool, released Socialtext Unplugged today at the LeWeb3 conference in Paris. It is
    an unplug icon that lets users work on their wiki even when they are not connected to the Internet. While still online, users can click the blue Unplug icon, which will then download a selection of wiki pages so that those pages become available offline. Once a user comes back… Read More

  • WikiMatrix Allows Side-By-Side Wiki Comparison

    Like it or not, wikis are a dime a dozen these days. So when (and if) it comes time to choose one, WikiMatrix is a good place to start. It’s a site that allows you to compare any and all wikis on the market in a side-by-side grid. WikiMatrix has over 100 wikis to compare. The wiki designers maintain the information on their listing because, as WikiMatrix founder Andreas Gohr puts it… Read More

  • SocialText aims for wiki 2.0

    Enterprise wiki vendor SocialText rolled out version 2.0 of its software this morning and made a couple of changes that are important for people beyond its existing customer base. The changes include a drastic overhaul to the standard wiki interface and the release of a REST API to enable mashups with the company’s wikis. SocialText has been in the market for four years. The 30… Read More

  • SocialText/wikiCalc: More Interesting Than Google Spreadsheets

    SocialText has announced an agreement with Dan Bricklin for the exclusive distribution rights to his wikiCalc spreadsheet software (Dan Bricklin is also the creator of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet for personal computers). Like Google’s new Spreadsheets application and other online spreadsheets, one of the goals of wikiCalc is to end the “email volleyball” issue (as… Read More