Upstream aims to be the new home for your professional social life

Last fall, social analytics startup SocialRank sold its product and business to Trufan, allowing the team to focus on something new: a professional social network. Today, they’re officially unve

SocialRank sells biz to Trufan, pivots to a mobile LinkedIn

What do you do when your startup idea doesn’t prove big enough? Run it as a scrawny but profitable lifestyle business? Or sell it to a competitor and take another swing at the fences? Social aud

SocialRank’s new product helps marketers understand why tweets go viral

The team at SocialRank has spent the last few years building ways for brands and marketers to get a better sense of who’s following and engaging with them on social media. Until now, they’

SocialRank Realtime helps marketers get more proactive on social media

SocialRank co-founder Alex Taub classifies most brand interactions on social media into two broad categories. They're either broadcasting to all of their followers or, if they're communicating individ

SocialRank, the startup that analyzes your followers, adds premium features and pricing

SocialRank is a startup that helps brands, agencies and celebrities understand their social media followers — not just in aggregate, like most social analytics services, but on an individual level.

SocialRank Helps You Understand Your Followers — And Now It’s Getting Collaborative

Hey, it's great that you're trying to get more followers, but what about understanding the followers you already have? That's what New York City startup SocialRank aims to provide, and today it launch

Klout Perks Is No More

Sad news for those who like free stuff – Klout Perks, the swag offered by social media scoring platform Klout, has quietly shut down. Lithium Technologies, the company that bought Klout more t

The SocialRank Index Shows Companies How They Stack Up On Social Media

Social media analytics startup <a target="_blank" href="">SocialRank</a> released a new tool earlier today called the <a target="_blank" href="

With New Filters, SocialRank Makes It Easier To Understand Who’s Following You On Twitter

<a target="_blank" href="">SocialRank</a>, the startup that helps users find their most valuable Twitter followers, is launching version 2.0 today, which significantly expand

SocialRank Raises $1M To Help Brands Find Their Competitors’ Most Valuable Followers

<a target="_blank" href="">SocialRank</a>, the startup that promises to help users find their most valuable, engaged, and all-around "best" followers, is announcing that it ha