• Socialmedian Returns As Xing News

    We recently covered socialmedian, which late last year was acquired by European business social network XING, when they introduced a nifty application on the Facebook platform that allowed its users to share personalized news from across the web with their social graph. As of today, XING users can install the first two applications on its OpenSocial-driven platform: one (Xing News) takes… Read More

  • Socialmedian Makes It Easy For You To Spread Social News On Facebook

    Socialmedian just made an interesting announcement about connecting its services to Facebook in a big way. As of about an hour ago, you can log in and participate on socialmedian with Facebook Connect, which is a noteworthy move considering the fact that socialmedian was recently acquired by European business social networking service Xing, news we broke in December last year. Socialmedian… Read More

  • European Business Social Network XING Acquires socialmedian (Update: For $7.5 Million)

    Hamburg, Germany based XING, a global professional social network that’s strong in Europe, has acquired New York based socialmedian for an undisclosed amount approximately $7.5 million in total, a mix of $4 million in cash up front and an earn-out valued at between $700,000 to $3.5 million (€0.5 million-€2.5 million) payable over three years. Socialmedian’s founding CEO… Read More

  • Socialmedian Launches New 'Replize' Feature to Help Communication

    Just off its first major upgrade, socialmedian, a service that lets users find and share news from within their social networks, announced today that it’s offering a new feature called “replize,” which enables sociamedian users to interact with each other using @username short codes, much like Twitter. But according to the company, its @username functionality is one of the… Read More

  • socialmedian Launches First Major Upgrade

    socialmedian, which has come under fire as of late for trying to use Twitter as means of raising $500,000 in venture funding, announced Thursday that it has launched its first major upgrade since the company started and its improvements will finally address some of the concerns its users have had since its inception. First off, the new socialmedian will make it easier for users to get content… Read More

  • Social Median Disregards 75 Years Of Securities Regulations With Sale Of Stock On Twitter

    SocialMedian founder Jason Goldberg wrote a Twitter message moments ago letting people know that they are raising a new round of funding, up to $500k, and to contact him if you’re interested. Great way to get investors, right? Exactly not – the whole purpose of the Securities Act of 1933 is to prohibit public offerings like these unless accompanied by a registration statement and… Read More

  • Socialmedian Brings A New Take On News Filtering

    There is no shortage of social news aggregators looking to help users cut through the noise on the web. Digg is by far the most popular, with similar offerings from Reddit, Newsvine, and a host of others. Today, Socialmedian (not to be confused with SocialMedia, the ad network) is launching its own take on social news. The site has just launched in public beta, and can best be compared to… Read More