• Punchbowl Acquires Friendster Founder's Party Planning Startup Socializr

    Punchbowl Acquires Friendster Founder's Party Planning Startup Socializr

    Remember Socializr, the party planning and event management site founded by Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams? The site launched in 2006 as the Evite 2.0, but was unfortunately was forced to lay off all of its staff last Fall. It looks like there’s a good end to the story, as start to finish party planning site Punchbowl is announcing this evening that it has acquired Socializr. Terms… Read More

  • Evite Introduces Redesign, Tries Not To Suck, Fails

    “Evite sucks” is not a revolutionary opinion. The online invitation company has been the subject of substantial vitriol for how much their site design feels like it’s from 1998, when they launched. It would be impossible not to respond to this overwhelming criticism, and the newly re-launched Evite attempts to address many of its user experience problems. “It should… Read More

  • Socializr Lays Off Staff, On DeadPool Watch

    Socializr, the online event organization tool that first went into private beta in 2006, isn’t in good shape. We’ve heard from a couple of sources that Socializr has laid off most or all of the staff and that the site is running on autopilot. The company confirms cost reductions but won’t go into more detail on the scope of the layoffs. From founder Jonathan Abrams: Read More

  • Haven't Tried It Yet, But FutureFeed Tells Me I'm Going To Love It

    Real Time is the new black. Everyone’s doing it, or wants to be doing it. Even Google says it’s one of the biggest challenges in search today (making sense of all that real time data). So it isn’t surprising that people are making fun of it. Jonathan Abrams (who has mocked Incubators of Incubators and Feed aggregators, now goes after Real Time with FutureFeed, which… Read More

  • Socializr 'Event Connect' Looks To Be Your Comprehensive Social Calendar

    Socializr, an Evite competitor that allows users to coordinate party planning and invitations, is launching a new product today called ‘Event Connect’ that allows users to aggregate and respond to all of their events from sites like Facebook, Meetup, MySpace, and Evite in one place. The site has integrated with each of these social networks/event sites using services like… Read More

  • Mobaganda: A Dead-Simple Invite Site Built On Google's App Engine

    If you like your invite apps dead-simple, check out Mobaganda. You don’t even have to log in. Just click on start, add the name, date & time, and location, and create an event. The site, which is built on the Google App Engine, generates a Webpage that you can e-mail out to all of your friends. Once the recipients go to the URL they can RSVP, and you can keep track via RSS or… Read More

  • German Startup Nails Pre-Launch Marketing Gimmick

    No one knows much about what German startup Popula is building. But German tech blogs can’t stop writing about their pre-launch video marketing gimmick. The Popula home page says (in German) only “Popula is an event calendar of all for all. Whether party, concert or children’s birthday. Here you will find what you are interested. Register now and test!” People… Read More

  • IMThere Joins MadeIt As The Most Recent Attempts To Crack The Event Nut

    Any event based site is basically a social network – they are designed to allow interaction among friends to coordinate virtual or real world activities. The venerable Evite is still the king of online event coordination. None of the recent startups (renkoo, socializr, mypunchbowl and the deadpooled Skobee) have presented much of a challenge. And none of the event aggregators/search… Read More

  • CrunchGear Budapest Meet-up Registration Page

    I’m 90% certain we’ll hold this on Tuesday night at 7pm at a yet undisclosed venue. If you are attending, please register through the link below. Event Registration Read More

  • Socializr in Private Beta, zzzzzzzz

    Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams is getting ready to launch his new startup, Socializr. It looks like it’ll be a social network/event organizing site…You can go through a “gamma” application process on the home page, or just read Steve Poland’s post – Steve played around with the URLs and found lots of ways into the protected site. Here’s… Read More