• Qwisk Brings Your Social Networks To The Browser

    Qwisk, which is launching today at the Real-Time CrunchUp, is an innovative new way to add a social twist to your browser. The site, which is a product of Y Combinator-funded company Socialbrowse, connects with you with your friends on Facebook and Twitter in real-time as you browse the web. We have 500 invites exclusively for TechCrunch users. You can redeem these invites simply by… Read More

  • Socialbrowse: Y Combinator Startup is Twitter For Links

    Y Combinator-funded Socialbrowse has just launched in private beta. The service could best be described as a Twitter for links, but with a few unique twists that could make it an essential tool for web browsers. The first 500 TechCrunch readers to go here will get invites to the private beta, which is currently available as a Firefox-only extension. To distribute links, Socialbrowse uses… Read More