• Fitocracy Brings Games And Social To Your Workouts (Invites Within)

    You may not have heard of them quite yet, but a startup called Fitocracy is pretty hot right now. Six months into its private beta and Fitocracy has already gathered 18K users and has 8K more on the wait list. (And we have 1,200 free beta invites here, so click away!) But, ‘why is Fitocracy so hot right now?’ you ask in your best Zoolander impression. Read More

  • RunKeeper goes social

    I’ll let the video after the jump do most of the talking on this one but RunKeeper has improved its sharing service by building out a cool run sharing service that works like a social network for the preternaturally skinny yet surprisingly hungry. The system allows you to share runs with friends and/or strangers. You can turn off maps for privacy and selectively share runs with the world. Read More

  • SXSWi 2010: Stickybits. Real world bookmarking.

    It’s funny how and where you will see an innovation. While attending a super-fun event hosted by The Barbarian Group here at SXSW, I ran into a guy named Matt Paul who is the lead developer of an app/service called Stickybits. TechCrunch covered this story back in March, but it was interesting to hear the description of the service first hand from someone behind the scenes. It was also… Read More

  • HAVA: Remotely watch TV together and record to iTunes

    We’ve covered the HAVA set-top box from Monsoon Multimedia before. Their SlingBox-like device does… uh… what a SlingBox does. It lets you remotely watch your home TV channels from anywhere with an internet connection. Now, they’ve got some more tricks up their sleeve. Read More