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ABC News teams up with ATTN: to produce original news videos for social media

ABC News announced today it’s teaming up with digital media company ATTN: to develop original news videos that will be distributed across social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Tw

Animoto gives businesses an easy way to create social videos

Animoto is launching a new product for businesses that want to post their own marketing videos for Facebook and other social networks — but don’t necessarily have the team or the skills neede

WeMesh For iOS Lets You Watch Videos With Friends In Real Time

A mobile application called WeMesh wants to make watching videos more of a real-time social experience by allowing you and your friends to watch videos together in perfect sync, while also texting and

Mark Cuban-Backed Ocho Launches Its Social Network For Eight-Second Videos

According to Jourdan Urbach, co-founder of social video startup <a target="_blank" href="">Ocho</a>, "There really isn't anything out there that's just a solid social video platform."

FightMe Raises $500K To Bring Its Social Video Competitions To The US

<a target="_blank" href="">FightMe</a>, a social video app with what may be my favorite startup name ever, is announcing that it has raised $500,000 in seed funding from an undis

Social Video Broadcasting Startup Spreecast Comes Out Of Beta With A New Design

It's been two years since we first wrote about Spreecast, a startup which allows anyone to create live, social video broadcasts. After all that time, it's finally coming out of beta and doing so with

CrowdFlik’s Auto-Synced, Crowdsourced Footage Lets Anyone Become A Documentary Filmmaker

Have you ever tried to film your favorite song at a concert, only to have someone block your view with their massive head? Or discovered that the only footage of an interesting panel discussion on You

Streamweaver Nabs $1.3M From Former Facebook Chief & Others To Bring The Split-Screen Experience To Mobile Video

<a href="">As Peter Csathy wrote recently</a>, mobile video does indeed present a huge market op