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Elon Musk’s Twitter faces US midterm elections, his first high-stakes test

As the U.S. braces for midterm elections, the first major voting cycle since the violence on January 6, Elon Musk’s intensely chaotic Twitter takeover adds more uncertainty to an already tense time.

Discord’s new Xbox integration will let you send voice chats to your console

Xbox is adding support for Discord voice chat, bringing a reliable, well-loved universal chat app to Microsoft’s gaming console, albeit in a sort of roundabout way. The new integration is availa

Reddit brings GIF comments to the masses

After setting aside the feature as a paid perk, Reddit will now let just about everybody reply with a GIF. Starting today, any safe-for-work and non-quarantined subreddit can opt into enabling GIFs in

Twitter will finally let you ‘unmention’ yourself in tweets

Twitter will finally let you be excluded from this narrative. The company announced Thursday that it was testing a new way for users to remove themselves from conversations they don’t want to be

Twitter is working on an edit button for real

Apparently it wasn’t just an April Fools’ joke or an errant Elon Musk tweet. As any true blue Twitter user knows, the divide over the social network adding an edit button is the deepest id

Pinterest now lets creators export their video content to other platforms

In an effort to help Pinterest creators better reach their wider audience across social media, the company today is launching a new feature for its Idea Pins — its video-first new Pin format int

Instagram tests ads in its Shop tab

Instagram is further investing in its e-commerce business, Instagram Shops, with the launch of a new advertising product, Ads in Instagram Shop. The company says it’s currently testing the new f

B2B social management platform Oktopost raises $20M growth round with Expedition

With the pandemic forcing people online, social media use exploded, for obvious reasons. And with that, the opportunity to reach audiences and push messaging. More brand-oriented platforms such as Spr

Twitter considers new features for tweeting only to friends, under different personas and more

Twitter has a history of sharing feature and design ideas it’s considering at very early stages of development. Earlier this month, for example, it showed off concepts around a potential “

Prisma launches a social feed to see if style can transfer into a platform

Prisma, the app that popularized style transfer to apply art-esque filters to photos and videos after launching this summer, is finally attempting to turn itself into more than just a cool tool. In a