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A former TikTok employee is building a social app for content creators to network and ‘spill the tea’

Canopy is a new peer-to-peer social networking app for content creators to connect, crowdsource information and, for lack of a better term, “spill the tea.” The company announced today the launch

Following its Series A, Poparazzi’s team is readying a new social app that goes beyond photos

The company behind last summer’s hot social app Poparazzi appears to be readying a round two following its $15 million Series A announced in June. A new listing in the App Store under the devel

Facebook is losing its grip as a ‘Top 10’ app as BeReal and TikTok grow

Facebook this year has been struggling to maintain its position among the Top 10 apps on the U.S. App Store, according to an analysis of iPhone App Store data. As younger consumers shift to newer soci

A new TikTok feature lets creators share TikTok Stories to Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram may be busy trying to clone TikTok within their own apps as Reels, but a new feature rolling out now from TikTok will see the short-form video app’s content showing up in