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TikTok, influencers on the clock

Alex Wilhelm is on a well-deserved vacation this week, so for the Equity Wednesday deep dive, we took the conversation to Twitter Spaces.

How startups can make influencer marketing work on a budget

Influencer Marketing has ballooned into a $25 billion industry, yet many marketing managers are left confused by this, because for them, it’s really not delivering the results to justify the hype...

Sprout Social Raises $42M For Its Marketing Tools

Sprout Social is announcing a big Series C round of funding — the company says it has raised $42 million from Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division and New Enterprise Associates. Brands usi

Social Marketing Startup Tiger Pistol Raises $3.1M As It Plans For US Growth

<a target="_blank" href="">Tiger Pistol</a>, a startup offering social marketing tools for small businesses, is announcing that it has raised $3.1 million in Series A funding.

Salesforce’s Revamped Social Studio Includes Tighter Integration With Sales And Customer Service is unveiling a new version of the Social Studio, its set of social media tools for marketers. When the company first <a href="

Unified Hires EMC Ventures Founder Shawn Douglass As Its First CTO

Social marketing company <a target="_blank" href="">Unified</a> is announcing that it has hired Shawn Douglass as its first chief technology officer. Douglass previously

Salesforce Launches Its Social Studio For Marketing Collaboration And Custom Integrations says it's launching a new set of tools for marketers on social media designed to improve collaboration and integrate with third-party partners. The full name of the product is a bit

Spredfast Raises $32.5M For The “Third Wave” In Social Marketing

Social marketing company <a target="_blank" href="">Spredfast</a> is announcing that it has raised $32.5 million in Series D funding. The round was led by Lead Edge Capital

Tiger Pistol Launches New Social Marketing Tools For Small Businesses, Raises Another $1M

<a target="_blank" href="">Tiger Pisto</a>l, a startup promising to make social media marketing easy for small businesses, is taking its tools out of beta testing. It's also ann

Collective Bias Raises $10.5M Series A To Push Its Shopping Blogger-Powered Social Marketing Model Internationally

The market for social marketing startups is getting some natural uplift as advertising money continues to shift online and marketers experiment with alternatives to traditional ad formats that don't m

Meet Facebook’s Stealth Marketing Platform, “Publishing Garage”

One of Facebook’s bigger hurdles in advertising has been to figure out ways of either applying traditional metrics, or coming up with new ones, to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaign

Amazon Offers ‘Amazon Pages’ For Brands To Customize With Their Own URLs, And ‘Amazon Posts’ For Social Media Marketing

Just in time for the holiday shopping blitz, it looks like Amazon is opening a new chapter in its role as an online marketplace for third-parties to sell their goods. The company is quietly pushing a

Facebook Developer Consolidation: Marketing Outfit Betapond Buys UK’s iPlatform For Engineering Muscle

As Facebook continues to mature as a platform, the companies working on it are scaling up to meet the challenge of catching attention on a social network now pushing 1 billion users. In the latest dev

Another Big Social Marketing Exit: Gannett Will Buy BLiNQ Media For Up To $92M

On the heels of <a href="">Google buying Wildfire</a> and <a href="

Google Slaps $100M Golden Handcuffs On Wildfire To Retain Employees After $350M Acquisition

After <a href="">buying social marketer Wildfire for $350 million</a>, Google wants to ensure it keeps earning money and the employees don't

Groupon Sued By Blue Calypso Over Two Peer-To-Peer Ad Tech Patents

<a target="_blank" href="">Groupon</a> is gearing up to report quarterly earnings later this month, but in the meantime the daily deals giant has another issue on its hands: it's

Oracle Acquires Social Marketer Involver As Enterprise Giants Buy Rather Than Build For Tomorrow

Old world online marketers must build, buy, or die, and <a target="_blank" href="">Oracle</a> has made its choice. Oracle just <a target="_blank" href="http://blog.invo

Social Candy Monetizes Cupcakes And More With Social MarketingTools

Yes, it's another startup that wants to help businesses manage their presence on Facebook. Social Candy CEO Darin Kotalik admits that the'res no shortage of competition, but he's hoping to differentia

Social Marketing Gone Awry: Pepsi Refresh Needs To Refresh Its Security Settings

<img src="" width="155" height="200" /> This year, <a href="">instead of spending $20 million on