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YC-Backed StackLead Takes The Hassle Out Of Lead Analysis

Imagine you have a huge sign-up list for your yet-to-launch startups or you are a quickly growing company with 50 new sales leads coming in every day. Who are those people signing up for your product?

With $4M In Fresh Funding From Amex Ventures, Capillary Wants to be Salesforce Of Social CRM

Capillary Technologies, the social CRM startup based in Bangalore, has raised additional funding of around $4 million from American Express Ventures. The startup plans to expand into the U.S., Middle

Social CRM Startup Nimble Launches Contact Widget For Gmail, Outlook & Hootsuite

Social CRM startup Nimble has been working on making connections between users a little more actionable, whether they happen via email or other social networks. Now it's hoping to extend that power ev

RelateIQ Launches With $29M From Formation 8, Dustin Moskovitz And More To Be Your Next-Gen Relationship Manager

Last summer, word started to trickle out about a young, stealth startup called <a target="_blank" href="">RelateIQ</a> that was rumored to be one of the more ambitio

Nimble Now Integrates With Rapportive, Major Social Networks To Bring Context To Your Contacts

As Jon Ferrara what he thinks of today's CRM software, and he'll tell you, patently, that it sucks. Ferrara is the co-founder and former CEO of <a target="_blank" href="">GoldM

No More Call Centers: Needle Grabs $10.5M To Turn Your Fans Into Customer Service Reps

Thanks to increasingly powerful mobile and web technologies, people can work from practically anywhere. One eCommerce startup, the Utah-based <a target="_blank" href="">Needle</a>, s

Nimble 2.0 Looks To Give SMBs A CRM Platform That Actually Does Social Right

There are few aspects of growing a business that are easy. But when you think about the big picture, one of the most significant challenges -- besides hiring attractive, productive interns -- is custo

blueKiwi Rides the Freemium Wave

<img src="" alt="" title="bluekiwi" width="272" height="95" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-142608" /> With the continued success of <