• Plugs Its Ad Tools Into CRM And Social Listening With Plugs Its Ad Tools Into CRM And Social Listening With is expanding its social ad offerings today with a new product called Salesforce Thanks to its acquisition last year of Buddy Media, Salesforce already runs social ad campaigns for a number of major ad companies like GroupM and Omnicom. But today it’s breaking out its ad product into a separate entity that’s distinct from Buddy Media’s social… Read More

  • Reportedly Sold For $2.6 Million. Who's The Buyer?

    This was the topic du jour on some domain name industry blogs yesterday, but I haven’t seen much coverage beyond that. According to DN Journal, a contract for the sale of the domain name has been signed by both the seller (an individual named Scott Carter) and the buyer (undisclosed for the time being). You may remember that the domain was to be auctioned off on at… Read More

  • Bids For Domain Start At $5 Million. You Could Have Bought It For $50,000 In 1997

    How much is the domain worth? We are about to find out. The domain will be auctioned off on June 8 at DOMAINfest Barcelona with an opening bid of $5 million, according to Moniker. Moniker and SnapNames will be jointly selling the domain on behalf of Scott Carter, the original owner who first registered the domain back in January, 1995. Back then, he had to pay $100 a year to… Read More