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With Postmarks, social bookmarking is back — but this time it’s built on the fediverse

The successor to Web 2.0 bookmarking site is here, but this time, it’s built for the open web and the fediverse — the decentralized collection of social networks that includes

Evernote fixes macOS app bug that allowed remote code execution

Evernote has fixed a vulnerability that could have allowed an attacker to run malicious code on a victim’s computer. Dhiraj Mishra, a security researcher based in Dubai, reported the bug to Ever

Apple addresses why people are saying their iPhones with older batteries are running ‘slower’

Because of a Reddit post and the loose interpretation of subsequent benchmark tests posted by Primate Labs’ John Poole, the "Apple throttles old iPhones" meme has reared its ugly head again. The gis

Company raises $347K ICO, vanishes

A company called Confido raised a small ICO by selling special CFD designed to allow “safe and trustless cryptocurrency payments. According to ICODrops they raised their goal of about $400,000 a

Reddit’s new location tagging feature continues its push to become a social network

Reddit is continuing its march towards becoming a social network after it added location tagging to its mobile app. The service is famously known as “the front page of the internet,” but t

Delicious, Former Web 2.0 Darling, Is Now Managed By New Alliance, Rolls Back Most Recent Changes

Once upon a time (maybe around 2004), the social bookmarking service Delicious was the hottest thing on the web. It hit all the right buzzwords of the time (collaborative tagging, folksonomy, AJAX), b

Evernote’s Freshly Minted COO Linda Kozlowski Is Leaving The Company

Evernote made a name for itself as the platform where you could store your ideas and notes for life, and beyond. But the same permanence does not apply to the people who work there. We’ve conf

Phil Libin On Joining General Catalyst As Its Newest General Partner

Phil Libin, the longtime CEO of the popular digital note-taking service Evernote, has joined General Catalyst Partners as its fourth general partner in Palo Alto, Ca. Libin stepped down from his role

Co-Founder Garrett Camp Buys Back Majority Share In StumbleUpon

Garrett Camp, co-founder of StumbleUpon, says he'll soon be the site's majority stakeholder. Again. The site originally launched in 2001. StumbleUpon was sold to eBay in 2007, but sold back to a group Shares Its Last Supper

Social bookmarking site for recipes,, has hit the deadpool. A note on the website thanks users for their input but says the numbers no longer stack up for operating as a business.

Diigo, A Tool For Highlighting And Adding Sticky Notes To The Web, Gets A Facelift

The social bookmarking, web annotation and research tool Diigo is launching a redesign and refresh today. The site has 7 million registered users, but the boot-strapped company is seeking a path to pr

Google’s Keep Could Take On Both Pinterest And Evernote, If It Gets The Google+ Social Plumbing

Google finally released its personal note-taking app Keep today, after it “accidentally” saw the light of day last week. The product is as expected, a place to save notes, lists or photos

Delicious Previews Its Next Update With Better Search, Enhanced Profiles And Keyboard Shortcuts

After YouTube's founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen <a href="">bought Delicious from Yahoo</a> in early 2011, it looked like Launches Gesture-Based Sharing App

The first thing I asked Andres Godoy and José Daire about their new app called <a target="_blank" href=""></a> — launching this week at <a href="

As Social Bookmarking Reignites, Venture-Backed Clipboard Acquires Clipmarks & Amplify

<a href="">Clipboard</a>, the web clipping service <a href="">founded</a> by

Interview: A conversation with Larry Halff about the relaunch of Ma.gnolia

Many of you may remember Ma.gnolia—the nifty social bookmarking tool that unfortunately imploded at the beginning of this year. Founded by Larry Halff almost 4 years ago, the site had a different ae

Toobla: Collect and share your favorite stuff from the web. 1000 Beta accounts available.

Toobla. Say it five times fast. Tooblatooblatooblatooblatoobla. There, that was easy wasn’t it. No? It wasn’t easy, you say? Well, repeating the memorable name is the hardest part about us

Intel opens software bookmarking site to the public

Once an internal bookmarking site shared amongst Intel employees, Cool Software is now open to the public. It’d be easy to take potshots at the lame name, the photo of five people in summer clot