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Pinterestification! Sociable Labs Signs Up, 19 Others For Its Pinterest-Like EverShare Offering

The <a href="">Pinterest effect</a> on e-commerce sites continues: online wine retailer, a co

Sociable Labs’ EverShare Adds FB Auto-Sharing And Pinterest Boards To Any Site

Referral traffic is spilling out of both Pinterest and Facebook's Open Graph frictionless sharing. With <a href="">Sociable Lab's licensable EverShare</a> you

[Update] Website Visitor Opt In Rate To Facebook Integrations May Be Closer To 40%, Much Higher Than 2.8%

Many websites include Facebook integrations in hopes of offering quick sharing or personalization that can increase referral traffic, conversions, and page views. 56% of users who view a Facebook auth

Sociable Labs Raises $7 Million To Help Retailers Manage Social Commerce

<a href="">Sociable Labs</a>, a startup that helps online retailers increase referral traffic and sales using social commerce, has raised $7 million in Series B financing l