• Honest Co. is reformulating its soaps after ingredients controversy

    Honest Co. is reformulating its soaps after ingredients controversy

    The consumer products startup founded by Jessica Alba, The Honest Co., on Friday told The Wall Street Journal that it plans to reformulate its dish soap, laundry detergent and other cleaners after an earlier controversy over their ingredients. The Honest Co. markets its products as gentler, healthier and more environmentally sustainable than those of mainstream brands in the U.S. However… Read More

  • Razer High-Performance Gaming Soap Scrubs You At 5600DPI

    No, this isn’t an actual Razer product (well, the Orochi is). It’s from an Etsy shop, though interestingly not the same one that did the SNES cartridge soap or Carbonite soap. How many geeky soap-makers can there be?! Read More

  • "I lather you." "I know." Han Solo soap even Greedo would love

    He may have been a scoundrel, but he wouldn’t have been able to seduce a princess if he smelled like Wookiee. Take a cue from the galaxy’s favorite rogue and keep it clean with this Carbonite hand soap. Sure, anyone who comes over will know you’re an incurable fanboy/fangirl, but you know what? I don’t care and neither should you. Han Solo is my hero, along with… Read More

  • We at CrunchGear salute Newsoap!

    It’s easy in these dark economic times to wallow in misery and wait for a handout from the federal government. Whatever happened to that “Can Do!” American spirit that put a man on the moon, and bacon in pre-wrapped packaging? Thankfully there are some keeping the flame of invention alive, and working to make an honest buck along the way. Witness Newsoap<, bringing you… Read More

  • For the PS3 Fanboy – Playstation soap

    It’s tough to be a PS3 fanboy these days. What with no really good games coming out any time soon, poor online support. Pretty much the only thing that you have going for yourself is the Blu-ray support and Dualshock 3 controllers. But that’s about to change in a big, sudsy, way. Read More