• Antisocial networks for the Grinch in your life

    Spread some Christmas cheer today and tomorrow to all your online “friends.” Or, you can be a real, go-it-alone American and sign up for one of several new anti-social networks. It’s all the fun of real social networks like Facebook and MySpace, only with the faux, forced amity. Choose from the likes of Hatebookand Snubster and make things like “friend… Read More

  • Social Network Backlash (Humor)

    I think a lot of people must have gotten one too many Linked-in requests recently, because tonight I came across two “anti-social networks” (although one is just a joke): Isolatr and Snubster.
    Isolatr Isolatr isn’t a real service, but it should be. Sean Bonner of Metroblogging created the site, which promises to “help you find where other people aren’t”. Read More