• Naver to launch $43M fund to seek out investments for its Snow and Webtoon services

    Naver to launch $43M fund to seek out investments for its Snow and Webtoon services

    Naver, the company behind U.S.-Japan-listed chat app Line, has teamed up with SoftBank to launch a global investment fund worth $43 million to help two of its promising services push on. Read More

  • Facebook tried to buy Asian Snapchat clone Snow

    Facebook tried to buy Asian Snapchat clone Snow

    Here’s fuel to the fire for those who believe that Facebook will buy anything that looks, smells or moves like Snapchat. The U.S. social networking giant this summer made an unsuccessful bid to acquire Snow, a Snapchat-like service from Naver, the $25 billion-valued Korean firm behind chat app Line, a source close to the company told TechCrunch. Read More

  • Line invests $45 million into Snapchat clone Snow

    Line invests $45 million into Snapchat clone Snow

    Line, the messaging company that went public in the year’s highest IPO to date, is diversifying its business and focusing on social after it invested $45 million (50 billion KRW) in Snow, a Snapchat clone focused on Asia. Read More

  • Apple Patent Reveals ‘Pseudo-Holographic’ Display

    It’s bare bones Monday, amigos. Most normal people have taken this week off, and snow has crippled the entire north-east of the U.S. It’s chaos! So let’s transition to an Apple story. Jobs’ mighty company has recently filed for a patent for a device that would display images holographically and without the need for glasses. This could be good, or it could be just one of… Read More

  • Burton Vice Mitts keep your hands warm and your (energy) drink cold

    Living up by Lake Tahoe, I’m always on the lookout for new gadgets and technology for when I go snowboarding. Case in point: the Burton Vice Mitt. Okay, it’s a mitt, but what’s the vice part? A drink holder, you say? Read More

  • TRAX STI replaces Subaru's tires with treads, blasts through snow

    If I had one of these things, I’d never get any work done. Unless I was a rally driver, in which case I’ll I’d be doing was work, work, work. Unfortunately (in this case at least) I’m just a blogger, so I don’t won’t be getting paid for zooming around the mountains in a cross between a tricked-out Subaru and a snowtank. Yes, I know there’s no such thing… Read More

  • Snowball Blaster: Now you’re all in big, big trouble

    Of course the Snowball Blaster should hit the scene when I’m damn near thirty and too old to go get in snowball fights with the neighborhood children. “It’s that creepy blogger!” all the parents would yell. “Don’t get into snowball fights with him! He works out of the house! That’s not normal! He’ll try to kidnap you and teach you to type!” Read More

  • Everex CloudBook delayed again until mid-March?

    Those of you waiting for tomorrow — when the Cloudbook is supposed to be available at fine retailers like Walmart — might want to prepare yourselves for a longer wait…again. Already delayed to begin with, the Everex Cloudbook has been, you guessed it, delayed again. First it was Chinese New Year coupled with OS refinements and now it’s snow. Snow. Snow is delaying… Read More