• SnapPages Takes Aim At The Wixes And Weeblys Of The World With Major New Redesign

    SnapPages Takes Aim At The Wixes And Weeblys Of The World With Major New Redesign

    Today, the website creation market is dominated by a handful of veteran players, as companies like Wix, Weebly and SquareSpace now own the majority of mindshare and boast tens of millions of users between them. While many smaller players ended up in the deadpool during the market’s land grab, one veteran startup has managed to survive — and even bootstrap its way to profitability. Read More

  • SnapPages Lets You Hook Into LinkedIn For Custom Online Resumes

    Earlier this years Linkedin Labs, which showcases projects created by LinkedIn employees, launched a feature that lets you quickly convert your profile on the professional social networking site into a more traditional resume. It’s quite slick, with a handful of templates to choose from and buttons to convert it to PDF for easy printing (or to share it on Twitter and Facebook). Now… Read More

  • Slick Website Builder SnapPages Gets A Big Upgrade

    SnapPages, an impressive browser-based website publishing platform, has released a major new upgrade that introduces blogging functionality. Other changes to the service since we covered it last September include an improved control panel, support for favicons, and more flexibility for the service’s free accounts (though premium accounts, which run $50/year, still have much more… Read More

  • TC50(DemoPit): SnapPages, A Basic Webpage Designer That Apple Should Envy (Or Buy)

    In the last decade, we’ve seen dozens of internet portals, software companies, and startups develop solutions solving the same problem: Everyone wants a webpage, but few people know how to actually make one. In the early days sites like Angelfire offered templates, but users were guaranteed a generic design that was ugly even by 1999’s standards. Since then we’ve made… Read More