SnapDragon Wants To Simplify Product Check-Ins And Entice Users With Comics

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-224732" title="sn" src="" alt="" />We started with location check-ins. Then we moved to media check-ins.

Qualcomm calls 'first!' on Windows Phone 7 devices

<img src="" /> In case you didn't know, snappy processors are all the rage these days. When I think of fast processors, t

Rumor: HTC working on new flagship Android device – the Dragon

What do you get when you mix HTC, Android, and Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon mobile processor together? No, it’s not the amazing (recycled from an old Snapdragon post) image above…b

HTC Leo makes an appearance, packs a Snapdragon

Well what do we have here? Apparently, it’s the first “live” (leaked) images of HTC’s upcoming WinMo-based Leo handset. We know. WinMo. Yay. Well, maybe the inclusion of Qualco

Snapdragon and Tegra-based everything incoming

<img src="" />Based on orders and production numbers <a href="">reported by Digiti

Qualcomm beefs up Snapdragon: Specs up, battery usage down

Qualcomm made a big announcement in the progress of mobile chipsets today. They’re beefing up their SnapDragon line by a large margin to offer blazing processor speeds for the handsets that use

Sneak peek of Toshiba's TG01 prototype

<img src="">We <a href="">re

2009: Year of the Snapdragon?!

It seems like only yesterday (although technically, it was 48+ hours ago) when Qualcomm’s Snapdragon remained a mythical (mobile technology) beast, yet to be discovered by the modern (handset ma

Qualcomm likes Windows Mobile 7 for tiny laptops

Qualcomm is betting that its Snapdragon chipset (see a hands-on we did at CTIA) will taste better with Windows Mobile 7, especially when it comes to tiny notebooks. The company is looking to make a mo