• Is This What Your Smartphone Will Look Like In 2013? We Hope So

    We’re all aware that smartphones could potentially replace a lot of the technology we depend on today, but that can’t happen until someone develops some better processors, which is exactly what Qualcomm is claiming to have done. In fact, the chipset maker promises that in the next two years, your smartphone could act as a 3D set-top box, a game console, and a cloud-based computer… Read More

  • Qualcomm reveals next-gen chips, teases us with 5x increase in performance

    I find myself perpetually wishing that the future was here today, don’t you? I mean, 2 years ago, the idea of 1GHz chips in phones was mind-blowing, but — despite this — I can’t help but feel lustful for the next generation. So, it is with this lusty game of techno-cat and robo-mouse in mind that I present to you information regarding the next generation of… Read More

  • Stickybits Turns Product Barcode Scans Into Rewards

    Foursquare and Facebook Places are popularizing the location check-in. Instagram and PicPlz are perfecting the photo check-in. Is the product check-in next? Billy Chasen, the founder of barcode-scanning app Stickybits, thinks so. He’s spent the past few months pivoting his startup to focus more on brands and turn product check-ins into rewards. A major update of Stickybits is in the… Read More

  • SnapDragon Wants To Simplify Product Check-Ins And Entice Users With Comics

    We started with location check-ins. Then we moved to media check-ins. Now we’re onto product check-ins. The space is starting to fill up quickly, but are they all too convoluted? If SnapDragon takes off, the answer in hindsight may end up being “yes”. The new startup launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt isn’t trying to pull you into a specific store (like Shopkick). Read More

  • Qualcomm calls 'first!' on Windows Phone 7 devices

    In case you didn’t know, snappy processors are all the rage these days. When I think of fast processors, the first one that comes to mind is Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor which is currently found on devices like the Nexus One, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and the LG eXpo. After Microsoft made its Windows Phone 7 announcement this morning, Qualcomm has come out and said that it… Read More

  • Rumor: HTC working on new flagship Android device – the Dragon

    What do you get when you mix HTC, Android, and Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon mobile processor together? No, it’s not the amazing (recycled from an old Snapdragon post) image above…but it’s close. According to the rumor mill, this mythical combination will yield…the HTC Dragon. Read More

  • HTC Leo makes an appearance, packs a Snapdragon

    Well what do we have here? Apparently, it’s the first “live” (leaked) images of HTC’s upcoming WinMo-based Leo handset. We know. WinMo. Yay. Well, maybe the inclusion of Qualcomm’s 1Ghz 8520B Snapdragon processor, a rumored 4.3″ large GARGANTUAN touch screen display with a resolution of 800×480, and 320MB of system RAM will change your (and possibly… Read More

  • Snapdragon and Tegra-based everything incoming

    Based on orders and production numbers reported by Digitimes, it looks like the holidays are going to be… portable. Snapdragon and Tegra units are expected from a bunch of major OEMs, though it’s far from established that you can make a decent device out of them above a PMP or phone. 8.9-inch “smartbooks” powered by Tegra? Come on. The market doesn’t need this… Read More

  • Qualcomm beefs up Snapdragon: Specs up, battery usage down

    Qualcomm made a big announcement in the progress of mobile chipsets today. They’re beefing up their SnapDragon line by a large margin to offer blazing processor speeds for the handsets that use them. The 45NM (We’re talking nano-meters) chipset technology will vastly improve process power and battery life, giving consumers hardware that is up to par with new mobile operating… Read More

  • Sneak peek of Toshiba's TG01 prototype

    We recently discovered that Toshiba makes cell phones. Now you can check out a video of the TG01 prototype, where an enthusiastic Qualcomm representative demonstrates a 3D virtual world to show us the capabilities of the phone. The combination of the sleek design and the pretty touchscreen may appear irresistible, but the Windows Mobile OS will probably prevent it from being the highly… Read More

  • 2009: Year of the Snapdragon?!

    It seems like only yesterday (although technically, it was 48+ hours ago) when Qualcomm’s Snapdragon remained a mythical (mobile technology) beast, yet to be discovered by the modern (handset manufacturing) world.  However, all that changed after Toshiba shocked the cellular industry by unleashing Snapdragon from its proverbial cave with its TG01 announcement. Read More