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  • Snap sold fewer than 42K Spectacles, down 35% in Q2

    Snap sold fewer than 42K Spectacles, down 35% in Q2

    Snap’s Spectacles sunglasses may prove to be more of a fad than a must-have device. Snap revealed during its call following weak Q2 earnings that it generated $5.4 million in “Other” revenue, which would equate to around 41,500 pairs of its Spectacles camera sunglasses at a $130 price point. Read More

  • Snap earned $8.3M on Spectacles ‘and other revenue’ in Q1, $4.5M in Q4

    Snap earned $8.3M on Spectacles ‘and other revenue’ in Q1, $4.5M in Q4

    Snapchat won’t say exactly how many Spectacles its sold, but it did admit today that the “Other revenue” category that’s mostly from Spectacles brought in around $4.5 million in revenue in Q4 2016, and over $8.3 million in revenue in Q1 2017. Read More

  • Turning great companies into true franchises Crunch Network

    Turning great companies into true franchises

    As Airbnb, Uber and Snap gear up for potential, and actual, IPOs, public investors are asking a key question: Can these former startups build more than one breakout product? What will determine whether Uber, Airbnb and Snap truly become long-term franchises versus single-product companies? The answer lies in how they handle certain key operational challenges as they scale. Read More

  • Lensabl makes it easy to put new lenses in a favorite pair of shades or glasses

    Optometrists don’t make it easy to buy new lenses for a favorite old pair of glasses or shades. Especially shades! Who even does that? Lens replacements through an optometrist can cost more than a new pair altogether, especially when it comes to sunglasses. A new startup out of Westwood, Calif. called Lensabl is on a mission to keep your favorite frames on your face. Whether the old… Read More

  • The reality of VR/AR growth Crunch Network

    The reality of VR/AR growth

    “VR will be big, AR will be bigger and take longer.” What sounded revolutionary when we first said it two years ago has become accepted wisdom. But now the market has actually launched, and we’ve got 12 months of real-world performance and major tech players’ strategies emerging. And that’s changed our views on VR/AR growth. A lot. Read More

  • The reality of VR/AR trial Crunch Network

    The reality of VR/AR trial

    If you haven’t heard about VR/AR by now, your desert island must not have Wi-Fi. But there are millions of folks who know about VR/AR who haven’t seen it yet. User trial is on the critical path for VR/AR to go mass market. So what are the lessons from previous digital platforms about moving mass consumers from awareness to trial? Read More

  • Snapchat’s Spectacles vending machine lands in Santa Monica

    Snapchat’s Spectacles vending machine lands in Santa Monica

    Another day, another seemingly random location drop for Snapbot, your friendly neighborhood Snapchat Spectacles vending machine. Today’s lucky destination is Santa Monica, bucking the recent trend of out-of-the-way spots for one just up the coast a bit from its original Venice Beach location in LA. Snap, Inc. began selling Spectacles without much in the way of warning last Friday… Read More

  • What’s next for smart glasses? Crunch Network

    What’s next for smart glasses?

    There’s a revolution brewing in eyewear technology. Snapchat recently announced their brand new wearable called Spectacles. It’s about what you would expect from Snapchat glasses, working video and social media into a slick, stylish product that’s well-positioned for young people — but these Spectacles are just the beginning of an oncoming wave of smart eyewear technology. Read More