Snapchat Lenses

Spotify’s new Snapchat Lens lets you capture yourself or your surroundings when sharing a song

Spotify is expanding its partnership with Snapchat to introduce a new way for users to share their favorite songs on the social app. A new “Share Track Lens” feature lets you capture the world aro

Snap is shutting down its desktop camera app that allows users to apply filters during video calls

Snap is shutting down its camera app for the desktop that allows users to apply filters like cat ears and pirate hats on video calls. The company said on a support page that the product will be discon

Snapchat launches AR selfie games called Snappables

Snapchat wants to let you play its augmented reality Lenses, not just play dress-up. Today it launched Snappables — AR games that use your touch, motion and facial expressions to compete for hig

Zuck says augmented reality will flourish on phones before glasses

Snapchat selfie lenses and Pokemon Go, not Magic Leap and HoloLens. Smartphones are how Mark Zuckerberg sees augmented reality going mainstream, rather than potentially awkward headsets and glasses. T