Snap IPO

Snapchat paid Reggie Brown $157.5M to settle his ‘ousted founder’ lawsuit

Ousted Snapchat early employee Reggie Brown was paid $157.5 million in a settlement in September 2014 to close off a 2013 lawsuit he had brought against other co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy

Snap says “diversity is about more than numbers”

Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat and Spectacles, included in its filing to go public a brief tidbit on diversity. Unlike tech companies like Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook and several othe

Snap will expand distribution of Spectacles in 2017, but hardware remains an experiment

Snap, Inc. just released its IPO and there’s a lot to take away, but from a hardware perspective there’s not much present – which is actually telling in itself. The S-1 filing contains a

Snapchat international user growth slowed in the second half of 2016

Snapchat parent Snap Inc. wanted to present a growing and and highly engaged user base today in its bid to go public. But there are reasons for concern, especially when you look more closely at user

Snap Inc says cameras define smartphones in IPO filing’s tiny letter to investors

Evan Spiegel’s letter to investors would fit in a 10 second snap. The CEO’s penchant for minimalist design seems to have influenced the opening statement in today’s Snap Inc S-1 fili

Snap has finally filed publicly for its massive IPO

This is another incremental step in the process of going public, but it’s probably the most important because we’re finally getting our first glimpse at the financial guts of the company.