Snackable Media

  • Complaints Paint Snackable Media As A Scamville For Mobile Phones

    How is it possible for a company to build a $170 million business selling text-message games on mobile phones? As I wrote in a post on Monday, Snackable Media claims to be pulling in that much revenue selling $10 monthly subscriptions to text-message games such as Predicto and Deal or No Deal. It’s an eye-popping number, but like most things that sound too good to be true there might be… Read More

  • Don't Laugh At SMS Games: Snackable Media Sold $170 Million Worth Of Them Last Year

    There is no doubt that the iPhone and iPod Touch are glitzy game machines (just check out the ads for the IPod Touch). But don’t underestimate the reach and earning power of apps based on the lowly text message. New York City-based Snackable Media sold $170 million worth of text-based games through carriers in 2009, according to CEO Eyal Yechezkell. That number is gross revenue, which… Read More