Google lowers Play Store fees to 15% on subscription apps, as low as 10% for media apps

Google is lowering commissions on all subscription-based businesses on the Google Play Store, the company announced today. Previously, the company had followed Apple’s move by reducing commissio

Smule raises $20M, with plans to expand India operations

App maker turned music social network Smule has raised another $20 million. The latest round follows a $54 million raise in May of last year, led by Tencent, intent on helping the company expand Asia

What Spotify can learn from Tencent Music

On Tuesday, Tencent Music Entertainment filed for an IPO in the US that is expected to value it in the $25-30 billion range, on par with Spotify’s IPO in April. The filing highlights just how differ

Tencent tried to buy Spotify earlier this year

Spotify has long been linked with going public in the U.S. — it is speculated to be preparing for an IPO-less listing next year — but it has emerged that the company rebuffed the opportuni

Alibaba and Tencent are carving up Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem

Two global tech forces are putting their mark — and money — into Southeast Asia’s nascent startup ecosystem, but they may not be the Western names that you expect. Rather than Googl

Social music startup Smule raises $54M for Asian expansion

Smule, maker of Sing! Karaoke and other social music apps, announced yesterday that it has raised $54 million in a round led by Chinese company Tencent. Adams Street Partners, Bessemer Ventures, Flood

Five principles for building the next great video platform

Video is eating the internet. It accounts for nearly 75 percent of internet traffic, with Americans consuming more than an hour of online videos each day -- more than three times as much as in 2011. E

Smule CEO Defends The Company’s Lawsuit Against Former Employees

Is Smule being a bully? Or is it just mounting a reasonable defense of its intellectual property? In a nutshell, those are the questions I was trying to answer during interviews with Smule CEO Jef

Smule CEO Jeff Smith Is Weirdly Optimistic About The Music Industry

"I think this is one of the most exciting times to be in the music business." That's not a sentiment I hear very often, but it's what Smule CEO Jeff Smith told me this week. You could, I suppose, c

Social Music App-Maker Smule Raises Another $16.6M

<a target="_blank" href="">Smule</a>, maker of popular social music apps including <a target="_blank" href="">Sing! Karaoke</a> and <a target="_blank" href="h

How Smule’s Jeff Smith Got A Ph.D. While Running A Startup

You hear about graduate students who <a target="_blank" href="">drop out to found startups</a>, but I guess that would be too easy for Jeff Smith. He co-founded and

Music App-Maker Smule Finally Embraces The Web With Social Network Smule Nation

Smule has launched a number of popular, music-themed mobile apps, including Sing! Karaoke, Guitar, Ocarina, Magic Piano, and I Am T-Pain. Now it's turning <a target="_blank" href="

Smule Launches Strum, A Social Video App With Musical Filters

The latest product from music startup <a target="_blank" href="">Smule</a> isn't what I was expecting — instead of releasing another music-centric app like Ocarina or Magic Piano

Music Startup Smule Promises To Get More Social, Starting With Its New Karaoke App Sing

Executives at <a target="_blank" href="">Smule</a>, the startup that turns mobile devices into musical instruments with apps like Ocarina and Magic Piano, say the company's apps a

Smule’s AutoRap App Helps TC Spit Fire, Tops 2.5M Installs In A Few Days

Smule is on fire. Just take a look at the work these guys have done since their 2008 launch: $25.5 million in funding, more <a target="_blank" href="">app

Smule Finally Makes Their Android Debut With The Auto-Tuning Songify App

Smule has been churning out scores of popular music-making iOS apps for years now, but they've been notoriously gun-shy about bringing those apps to other platforms. As of today though, that strea

Smule’s Newest Musical Brainchild: Magic Guitar for iOS

Just when I was beginning to think that <a href="">MadPad</a> would be the only brand new product we saw come out of

Smule Acquires Khush To Further Boost Their Music Cred

Smule, makers of such fine musically-tuned iOS apps as Ocarina, Magic Piano, and <a href="

Music App Developer Smule Raises $12 Million

<a href="">Smule,</a> the music app developer behind I am T-Pain and others, has raised another $12 million in funding, according to a <a href="

Smule’s MadPad Turns Your Life Into A Video Soundboard

From the "click-clack, click-clack" of your car's turn signal to the honking of a passing bus, life is a symphony of sound — there's just no one conducting. This morning, Smule (makers of many a
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