Aromajoin brings videos to life by squirting your face with smells

There are a lot of YouTube videos out there that we’d rather not smell, but Kyoto-based tech startup Aromajoin today showed off the option to add a multidimensional experience to the mix. Using

Smell PGH lets you report weird smells in Pittsburgh

Today in odd apps I present Smell PGH, an app that lets you report weird smells in Pittsburgh. Why would you do this, you ask? Well hold on. “If you smell something bad in the air, chances are t

Enter A World Of Crazy Sensual Mix-Ups With A DIY Synesthesia Mask

[youtube=] Synesthesia, aka the mixing of the senses, is a super power to be feared. But while many synesthetes have boring talents – imagining numbers

Le Laboratoire’s Ophone Is A Smartphone For The Nose That Knows

Can you smell a symphony? If Le Laboratoire has its way, you soon will. The contemporary art and design sensor founded by academic and scientists David Edwards in 2007 was at Wired's 2013 event in Lon

i-Aroma: Japan wants to add fragrances to the web experience

<img src="" />Releasing odors in movie theaters to enhance the viewing experience is an idea <a href="http://en.wikip