• Review: SmartShopper electronic shopping list manager

    I don’t know that grocery list management is problem that need a dedicated gadget to solve them, but the SmartShopper does what it claims to do pretty well. When not in use it clings magnetically to your refrigerator, waiting patiently for you to speak to it. That’s the big gimmick to the SmartShopper: it has voice recognition. Note that it’s not voice activated: you need… Read More

  • The SmartShopper Makes You A Smart Shopper

    In my house, we have a baseline shopping list that contains the things we almost always need to buy — you know, the things we go through quickly like milk, butter, rubber bands, extension cords — and then a rotating selection of fancy cheeses we’d like to try. We usually don’t bother to write down our staple items because we buy them so regularly, but sometimes we… Read More

  • SmartShopper digital list maker gets $50 price drop

    Back in July of 2007, some of you may recall that your good buddy Doug wrote a post about the $150 SmartShopper device titled SmartShopper Needs $147 Price Drop to be Competitive, wherein I compared the utility of a device that voice-records your shopping list to that of a $3 pad of paper from OfficeMax. My general position was that $150 was too much to pay for something that keeps a list… Read More

  • Twenga Gets €2.6 Million For Product Search

    3i has invested €2.6 million in shopping search engine Twenga. Similar to other shopping search startups, Twenga is a meta search engine for products from online merchants. Twenga’s search results include user reviews and images on top of the usual price comparisons. There are a ton of shopping product search engines out there right now. It’s a crowded space and to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bug Invasion Edition

    MOW-AERATOR: Gopher Perforator
    BlinkyBugs: The Coolest DIY Project You’ll See Today
    Jellyfish Beer Bong
    SmartShopper USA SS-101 Hands On
    Wi-Fi Could Be Dangerous To Your Health (But What Isn’t?) Read More

  • SmartShopper USA SS-101 Hands On

    For years, we have all dreamed of kitchen appliances we could talk to. “Stove, make me some chicken. Microwave, popcorn please.” But what about a tiny device that keeps the whole family on their toes by offering a central message pad and shopping list for the whole gang? The SmartShopper SS-101 helps you create a shopping list that’s completely error proof. In the simplest… Read More