Review: SmartShopper electronic shopping list manager

<img src=""> I don't know that grocery list management is problem that need a dedicated gadget to solve them, but the SmartShopper

The SmartShopper Makes You A Smart Shopper

<img src="" />In my house, we have a baseline shopping list that contains the things we almost always need to buy -- you know, the

SmartShopper digital list maker gets $50 price drop

Back in July of 2007, some of you may recall that your good buddy Doug wrote a post about the $150 SmartShopper device titled SmartShopper Needs $147 Price Drop to be Competitive, wherein I compared t

Twenga Gets €2.6 Million For Product Search

3i has invested €2.6 million in shopping search engine Twenga. Similar to other shopping search startups, Twenga is a meta search engine for products from online merchants. Twenga’s search res

Daily Crunch: Bug Invasion Edition

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SmartShopper USA SS-101 Hands On

For years, we have all dreamed of kitchen appliances we could talk to. “Stove, make me some chicken. Microwave, popcorn please.” But what about a tiny device that keeps the whole family on