Ring adds a Wi-Fi intercom accessory to its lineup

Amazon today announced the addition of Ring Intercom to its list of smartphone offerings. The product is designed to be an add-on to existing apartment intercom systems. The company has created a quic

This lightbulb can monitor your vital signs

Here’s a fun left-field idea from CES this week: a smart lightbulb capable of taking health readings, including heart rate, temperature and tracking sleep. Necessary? Not in the slightest. Interesti

Ring’s new video doorbell is $60

The top-line feature for Ring’s latest is no doubt its price. No way around that. At $60, it’s $40 cheaper than the standard Video Doorbell – and prices from there go up significantly, with the

Amazon adds device dashboard in bid to make Fire tablets a smart home control center

It’s been a busy few weeks for the smart home race. Amazon, Google and Apple have all announced new smart speakers aimed at — among other things — cementing their respective positions at the cen

The $229 August Smart Lock is available in big box stores starting today

You can now purchase August’s second generation Smartlock at Best Buy and Amazon, starting today. The much-anticipated Bluetooth-enabled device allows homeowners to lock and unlock their front

Apple TV Could Become A Home For HomeKit Smart Devices

Apple’s HomeKit is still in its earliest days, with the connected home framework technically shipping with iOS 8 but not offering up any consumer endpoints to explore just yet. The latest beta o

Recalled Nest Protect Smoke Alarm Will Return To Sale In Weeks

Google's Nest has recalled all 440,000 Protect smoke alarms sold over fears that the alert will fail to sound due to a false triggering of the 'Wave' feature which disables the sound with a gesture.