• Google Classroom Launches Chrome Extension So Teachers Can Instantly Share Links With The Entire Class

    Google Classroom Launches Chrome Extension So Teachers Can Instantly Share Links With The Entire Class

    Google calls Classroom a “mission control for teachers,” allowing them to access all of Google Apps for Education within one central place. Teachers can use the product to chat with students, help students with their work and keep track of the daily goings on in the classroom. Today, the product is introducing something really nifty that will allow a teacher to share a link… Read More

  • 8-inch screen, accelerometer: Sony takes the wraps off its updated Vaio P

    Sony Europe today unveiled their newest version of the “ultra-mobile PC” VAIO P, which was teased by the company late last month. And apart from a new design and fresh colors, Sony added quite a number of interesting features and functions. Read More

  • IS01: Sharp to roll out Android smartbook

    There’s just one Android phone currently available in Japan, one of the biggest mobile markets in the world. But the HTC Magic, which Japan’s biggest telco, NTT Docomo, started distributing last summer, will soon be joined by the Sharp IS01 [JP] – which is not really a “smartphone”, but rather being marketed as an MID or “smartbook” instead. Read More

  • Video: Quick hands-on with the Lenovo Skylight

    [ Lenovo’s Snapdragon-based Skylight smartbook is here at CES (see previous coverage). It’s light – really light. I didn’t have too much time to actually test out anything substantial but the physical design is certainly different enough to draw some attention. I couldn’t get a more firm release date than… Read More

  • Lenovo Skylight: Snapdragon smartbook is super thin, super light, and pricey

    Looks like we’re about to see Qualcomm’s ARM-based Snapdragon platform finally start to take off this year. One of the first devices out of the gate will be Lenovo’s unique “Skylight” smartbook. Read More

  • Freescale ARM Cortex-A8 tablets! Some less than $200! The future! Now!

    You know what’s so hot for Y2K10? Tablets. If you want to get just about anybody in the technology journalism industry all riled up, just talk about tablets. It’s also a good way to make small talk. Texas-based Freescale, purveyor of fine ARM Cortex chips for various mobile devices, is getting in on the tablet madness full force by promising to demonstrate strange and wonderful… Read More

  • Sony VAIO P gets a Windows 7 makeover

    Remember when the first VAIO P came out and everyone was like, “I can’t believe it has Vista! That angers me! I am currently outraged!” – something along those lines? Well now it has Windows 7 and comes in four different models ranging in price from $850 to $1900. Read More

  • Rumor: Tegra-based devices running Chrome OS this month?

    Here’s a nice, juicy rumor to start the day off on the right (or wrong) foot. After those recent supposed screenshots of Google’s upcoming Chrome OS, Taiwan’s is now reporting the following: “According to our reliable sources on the Mainland, both Lenovo and Acer are planing to launch Tegra-based devices running Google’s Chrome OS, and the word on… Read More

  • Nokia smartbook in the works?

    Hot on the heels of the recently-reported Nokia Booklet 3G netbook, word on the street is that Nokia’s also planning an ARM-based smartbook as well (not pictured above). Read More

  • ASUS doesn't see a clear market for smartbooks

    Despite being one of the first companies to bring the idea of small, cheap, no-frills computers to market, ASUS doesn’t think the whole smartbook idea is going to take off. As such, we’ll see no smartbooks from ASUS anytime soon. Read More

  • Rumor: Nokia places orders with Taiwan's big netbook and smartbook manufacturers

    Even though Nokia and Intel were both relatively tight-lipped yesterday about the actual hardware products that’ll spring forth from their new joint-venture, rumors are already circulating that Nokia has placed orders with Quanta and Compal, Taiwan’s number one and two netbook/smartbook manufacturers, respectively. Read More