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Oura launches new ‘Circles’ social feature to share your personal health journey

Oura is launching a new social feature called “Circles” that lets users share their personal health journeys with their friends and family, the smart ring company announced on Thursday. Th

Put a (smart) ring on it: Movano on why its health wearable will put women first

Movano Health turned heads at CES with an ouroboros-esque smart ring designed for women. In the crowded field of fitness wearables, where the mainstream heavy hitter of the Apple Watch heads up a very

Smart ring maker Motiv acquired by ‘digital identity’ company

We weren’t alone in being impressed by Motiv. The startup helped flip the script on wearables by essentially cramming a fitness tracker’s worth of technology into a ring. This week, San Francisco

Want more screen space on your smartwatch? Put a ring on it…

Can two wearables be better than one? Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) will be presenting some new research next week in which they demonstrate a technique aime