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This lightbulb can monitor your vital signs

Here’s a fun left-field idea from CES this week: a smart lightbulb capable of taking health readings, including heart rate, temperature and tracking sleep. Necessary? Not in the slightest. Interesti

Stack’s Smart Sensor-Packed Light Bulbs Run Autonomously, No App Interactions Required

Over the past few years a swathe of self-styled 'smart lights' have pushed into the market. The likes of Philips Hue and Kickstarter fueled LIFX. Aka connected lightbulbs that can be controlled via an

Emberlight Turns Any Dimmable Bulb Into A “Smart” Light You Control With Your Phone

Smart light bulbs – like the Philips’ Hue connected bulbs or those from LG, GE or Samsung – are an easy jumping off point for those wanted to experiment in the “connected home

Ion Is A Wireless Smart Light That Reacts To Touch And Tunes

Make way for another smart light in the room. Ion, currently in production-ready prototype form seeking $20,000 from the Kickstarter community for its final push to market, is best described as a digi

Goldee Shifts From Software To Crowdfunding A Hue-Compatible Smart Light Switch

After a turn as a provider of software for the Philips Hue ecosystem, startup Goldee is getting into the messy hardware game. The company's first product is a smart light switch designed to be used wi