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NXP unveils its latest processor, the i.MX 91, during Computex

During Computex today, Dutch semiconductor giant NXP announced its i.MX 91, the latest processor from its i.MX 9 series of applications processors for industrial, medical, consumer and IoT use cases.

Will smart home tech make us care more about privacy?

When residents invite smart technology into their homes, they are gambling with their privacy.

The pleasure and the pain of the accessible smart home

People like to point to 1989’s Back to the Future II as presciently showing technologies that exist today. Video conferencing, for example, was futuristic 28 years ago, but people FaceTime all the

With Alexa integration and mapping, iRobot aims to make Roomba the center of the smart home

iRobot CEO Colin Angle has been repeating for some time now that the next step in the evolution of the company’s hit Roomba vacuum is becoming a connective tissue for the smart home. This morning’

The IoT threat to privacy

As the Internet of Things becomes more widespread, consumers must demand better security and privacy protections that don’t leave them vulnerable to corporate surveillance and data breaches. But bef

Tech trends that will impact your home

High-tech homes are about to revolutionize the way we live. While interior design once relied on color schemes and playful accents, new tech trends are completely revamping how we design, build and li

Building as a modular gadget

Researchers and companies have been exploring new ways to improve buildings through analytics software, prefabrication, connected devices, new materials and construction automation. It’s striking th

Who’s afraid of the IoT?

It's heeeere! The Internet of Things, I mean. I just spent several days at the Connected Conference in Paris, which focused on IoT hardware. They built a whole home full of connected devices, showcase

Smart-home technology must work harder to create smarter consumers

Attendees of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year were confronted with a head-spinning volume of smart-home devices. From $5,000 refrigerators that can communicate when you’re runnin

Making wearables more useful and smart homes less of a chore

Wearables might be set to get a whole lot more useful in future if research being conducted by Carnegie Mellon University’s Future Interfaces Group is indicative of the direction of travel.

Cujo is a firewall for the connected smart home network

“Cujo protects everything on your network,” the company’s CEO, Einaras Gravrock says, describing his product in the simplest terms ahead of its Disrupt NY launch this week. “Think of it as an

Building a smarter home

The Jetsons presented a highly entertaining vision of what homes of the future would look like. The animated television show anticipated a world where humans would be able to do everything with jus

Bridging The Gap As The Smart Home Industry Expands

With the smart home market growing, the focus is shifting to the seamless connectivity of different products under one platform, rather than the quality of hardware construction. At the same time, aut

OpenArch Adds A “Digital Layer” To The Average Room

Creating a workable Minority Report-like screen isn't very hard but what about an entire room or building that responds to touch, voice, and movement? Now that's hard. That, however, is the goal of <a

Smart Money For Smartphone-Controlled Smart Homes: TechStars Alum Mobiplug Gets $2.7M Led By Foundry Group

That was fast: Mobiplug Networks, a startup focusing on smartphone-controlled smart home technology, which was <a href="

CEATEC 2011: Nissan Showcases “Smart House Of The Future”

Next-generation homes are definitely one of the big trends at the <a href="">CEATEC 2011</a> exhibition that currently takes place in Chiba, Japan. We have covered multip

Video: Futuristic Smart House

<img src="" /> It's not the first "next-generation home" we have covered <a href="