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Alibaba unveils its first smart car — and it’s available for pre-order now

Alibaba has officially announced its move into the automobile space after it unveiled its first "internet car" in collaboration with SAIC, one of China's big four state-owned automakers.

With A Series Of Upgrades, Dash Becomes A Viable Competitor Among Smart Driving Apps

Dash, a smart driving app that’s something of a “Fitbit for you car,” is now rolling out a series of updates, including integration with notifications platform IFTTT, as well as an A

Automatic’s Smart Driving Assistant Comes To Amazon So It’s Easier To Boost Your Ride’s IQ

Automatic, the smart driving startup that builds an accessory for just about any vehicle, is expanding its retail partners beyond Apple thanks to a new deal with Amazon. That means the car will be ava

Nifty: Smart Car Uses Hundreds Of ASCII Tweets To Turn Twitter Page Into A Stop-Action Movie

Now this is a pretty nifty use of a corporate Twitter account. Smart Car's <a href="">Argentinian division</a> has filled practically its entire <a href="!

The Future! Car spotted in Japanese vending machine

What this photo doesn’t show is the car salesman, who’s in the back getting the keys and a fistful of quarters from his manager to take this thing for a test drive. Ha! You can’t actually buy th

Smart cars coming in January. Would you buy one?

These things are tiny. Ever seen one? They can parallel park lengthwise. Or widthwise. Whatever. Nose to the curb, is what I’m getting at. I’ve seen them all over Europe and they look like